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Prayers for Friday Night

Prayers for Friday Night



A Beginner’s Class on the Friday Night Service

The Page numbers below correspond to the Kol Menachem Friday night prayer book and the Kehos Siddur.

(The songs below are not in the order of the prayers but in the order of the songs most often sung in shul, enjoy!)  

Prayer: 1 Lecha Dodi 78/157

Prayer: 2 Shalom Aleichem 130/176

Prayer: 3 Eishes Chayil 136/177

Prayer: 4 The Kiddush 142/179

Prayer: 5 Shema 98/163

Prayer: 6 Mizmor Ledavid 74/156

Prayer: 7 Vayechulu 118/172

Prayer: 8 Magen Avos 120/172

Prayer: 9 Aleinu 126/174

Prayer: 10 Mizmor Ledavid #2 124/173

Prayer: 11 Lechu Neranina 64/154

Prayer: 12   Shiru Lhashem 66/154


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