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The 613 Mitzvos

The 613 Mitzvos


The 613 Mitzvos 

Recording from classes that are given over the phone on Friday mornings. You can also access them on the J-app on your phone. (This class is specifically geared to my friends participating who are growing in their Judaism)

Mitzvah #1, 2, 3 - Believe in G‑d, Not other G‑d's, His oneness 

Mitzvah #19 Not to Gossip 

Mitzvah #20, 21 Revenge and Grudge s

Mitzvah #85 - Blessings after food

Mitzvah #88,89,90 - Shabbat, Not Working

Mitzvah #115 - Eating Matzah

Mitzvah #116 - Teaching our Children about our history

 Mitzvah #249,250 - Charity

Mitzvah #300 - Building the Beis Hamikdash

Mitzvah #391 - Counting the Omer

Mitzvah #599,600,601 - Amalek, Remembering and blotting out



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