The Gift of Rest - Class #1
What role does net worth play in how we define our success? The gift of Shabbat provides a priceless sense of self-worth in our most basic state, without feeling the need to achieve

  The Gift of Investment - Class #2
The serenity and enjoyment of Shabbat is the culmination of a week’s work. Jewish culture’s emphasis on preparing for Shabbat presents a model for getting more out of life’s experiences by maximizing the effort we invest into shaping them.

  The Gift of Love - Class #3
The light of the Shabbat candles and heightened spiritual awareness on Shabbat illuminates the need to value the uniqueness of others and to invest in family and interpersonal relationships. This lesson outlines a clear roadmap for how to approach conflict resolution.

  The Gift of Purpose - Class #5
Shabbat offers a transcendent frame of mind to objectively evaluate our work and add meaningful focus to our pursuit of a satisfying career. Shabbat’s neat construct of thirty-nine creative activities offers a framework to define a life of purposeful accomplishment.