Join us for a 3-part class on the preparation for Pesach, with a real hands-on demonstration

3 Sundays after Shachris 8:45 - 9:15 AM (followed by hands on demonstration)
Location: Chabad House, 26 Wickatunk Road, Manalapan
Teacher: Rabbi Levi Schapiro

April 3, 2016
Part 3: Seder requirements & kosher for Passover products

1 - Learn about the necessary amounts of matzah & wine needed for the Seder
2 - We will have a scale to measure the amount of matzah & maror needed for Seder, also size of cups for wine needed at Seder
3 - We will have many options of Seder wine for you to taste (sponsored by Wine Academy)

April 10, 2016
Part 1: How to clean & kosher your kitchen
1 - Overview on what needs to be koshered & how to kosher it
2 - Large koshering pot will be available for you to kosher items on a limited basis
3- A number of cleaning supplies and materials to cover your kitchen will be on display

April 17, 2016
Part 2: How to check for and dispose of your chametz

1 - Overview on which areas need to be cleaned for Pesach & how to clean them
2 - Limited packets of candles and feathers for you to search will be available for sale
3 - A Rabbi will be available for you to fill out your sale of chametz forms and arrange for him to sell them for you

Submit any Pesach question you have to to be included in this class.