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Daily Classes

  • Chumash, Tehillim, Tanya & Navi with Rabbi Levi on Zoom- 12:30 PM

Weekly Classes


  • Kabbalah & Chassidus with Rabbi Chazanow
    9:00 AM at Chabad House
  • Jewish Law with Rabbi Schapiro
    9:00 AM on Zoom
  • Tefillin Club with Rabbi Levi Wolosow
    10:00 at Chabad House
  • In-depth Talmud Class with Rabbi Levi
    9:00 PM on Zoom


  • Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Levi Wolosow
    13 Principles of Faith in G‑d 
    1:00 PM at Get.Furniture
  • Understand ourselves by understanding the Siddur 
    7:15 at Chabad House
  • Parsha Class with Rabbi Bernstein
    7:30 PM at Chabad of Freehold


  • In-Depth Torah Study with Rabbi Levi Wolosow
    8:15 PM at Chabad House
  • Laws of Shabbat with Rabbi Bernstein
    7:30 PM at Chabad of Freehold
  • Torah Portion Class with Rebbetzin Tova Chazanow
    Tuesday’s at 10:00 am on Zoom
    This class is for Women only

  • Discussion’s on life through Literature led by Rebbetzin Tova Chazanow
    Tuesdays monthly at 7:30 PM at Chabad House
    This class is for women only


  • JLI Courses with Rabbi Levi
    7:30-9:00 PM, In Person and Zoom Option available
  • Monthly Book Club with Rebetzin Tova Chazanow
    Wednesday’s Monthly at 10:00 AM
    This class is for women only


  • Yeshiva Style Chavrusa Learning
    8:15 PM at Chabad House
  • Torah & Tea with Chana’le Wolosow
    Thursday’s Monthly at 7:30 pm
    This class is for women only


  • Office Visits, Mivtzoim with Yeshiva Boys

Saturday/ Shabbat

  • Avos U’banim & Banot: Parent & Children Study Time
    Learning, Family & Fun! 
    Saturday Night, 7:30 PM at Chabad