Keep The Inspiration Going

Please choose a  new mitzvah from the list below for the upcoming year. (Please Email [email protected] if you have any questions about the classes)

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Special One Time 6 Week Course:

How Success Thinks - (6 Wednesdays at 10:30am or 7:30pm, starting November 16. Click here for more information)

Monthly Opportunity

For Women:

  • Torah & Tea with Chana'le - (Wednesday evenings once a month at Wolosow’s home)
  • Caffeine for the Soul @ Starbucks - (Wednesday mornings monthly at Starbucks with Chana'le) 
  • Jewish Women's Circle - (Monthly events with different arts, cooking shows etc.*)

 For men:

  • Teffilin Club - (Men & Boys Teffilin club & breakfast, Sundays monthly @ Chabad at 9:45am)
  • Guys Night Out - (Enjoy delicious steaks and beer at Rabbi Levi’s home, Thursdays nights, once a month while enjoying great company*)

 For families with younger kids

  • Project Shabbat - (Monthly, fast, fun, family friendly services at 11:30am followed by delicious sushi kiddush) 
  • Shabbat Unplugged - (Enjoy a monthly Shabbat dinner from local restaurants while enjoying the company of our great community of young Jewish families*) 
  • Mommy & Me - (Babyccino at Chabad, Tuesdays at 11am.*)

  Weekly Opportunities 


  • Minyan Club - at 8:00am (Sunday morning prayers at 8:00am)
  • Jewish Law - (class on the Jewish Laws of daily life at 9:00am, with Rabbi Schapiro)
  • Class on Prayer - (Understanding the daily prayers with Rabbi Levi at 9:00am)
  • Teffilin Club - (Men's Teffilin Club at 9:45am) 


  • Manalapan Torah Study Center: (Mondays at 8:15pm, learn with a yeshiva boy any topic of your choice)
  • Parsha class:  (At Chabad of Freehold with Rabbi Bernstein at 8:15pm)
  • Jewish History class: (Mondays at 8:15pm, at Chabad with Rabbi Levi) 


  • In depth Parsha class – (at 8:30am at Chabad of Freehold with Rabbi Bernstein)
  • Women's Parsha class – (9:45am at Chabad with Rebbetzin Tova)  
  • Men's Parsha class – (8:15pm at Chabad with Rabbi Levi) 


  • How Success Thinks - (6 Wednesdays at 10:30am or 7:30pm, starting November 16 click here for more information, for men and women)


  • Class on Jewish Law - Short class on Jewish law over the phone for 20 minutes at 8:25am 
  • Store/office visits - (We come to your store or office around 11:AM to put on Teffiiln, say a prayer and share a quick message on the parsha)

Saturday night: 

  • Father and Son Learning - (during the winter months at 7:00 - 8:00pm, father and son learning followed by story and pizza at Chabad*) 

Monday- Friday:
Torah on the Turnpike: A short 2 minute inspirational video by Rabbi Chazanow on WhatsApp 

  Prayers services (Join us for any of the Prayer services at chabad once a week or daily)

  • Sunday: Shacharit @ 8:00am; Mincha/Maariv @ sundown 
  • Monday:Thursday: Shacharit @ 6:15am; Mincha @ 2:00pm, Maariv @ 8:00pm
  • Friday: Shacharit @ 8:00am; Mincha/Maariv @ sundown or 6:00pm
  • Shabbat: Shachrit @ 9:30am


* Minimal cost involved to help cover the expense

We hope to see you soon!

Rabbi Levi & Chana'le Wolosow